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The Power of making your Sales Presentation Interactive
28th March

The Power of making your Sales Presentation Interactive

Any salesperson should have a sales pitch presentation in their armoury.  But every client and meeting is different so how do you make this presentation applicable to all your clients?

The answer… an interactive presentation.

So what do we mean by an interactive presentation… an interactive presentation is one in which the speaker can navigate around the presentation focusing on areas of specific interest to the viewer and ignoring areas of no interest. The use of multiple sections and menu pages enable you to hold a large amount of information in one presentation, but only ever show the bits you want to. This creates flexibility to tailor your presentation to the needs of your audience without changing the content of the slides before each meeting. Not all your content will be relevant to every client or every meeting. So the advantage of having an interactive presentation is that you can include a large amount of information, as you are able to section your presentation and access each area individually as and when you need it.

Here at Pure Presentations we are continually exploring and experimenting with this concept; incorporating interactive elements to extend the possibilities and improve engagement. Interactive presentations are becoming common place as technology moves forward. We are certain that an interactive presentation can be a great asset to any business.

Touchscreen tablet computers are becoming ever more popular. Interactive touchscreen navigation provides an added element of engagement.  A great plus of having an interactive presentation where you can navigate easily to appropriate information is that it makes the client feel that you have tailored your presentation and are really focused on their needs and that they are not just seeing the same presentation as all your other clients, you should also reflect this in your verbal communication within the sales pitch.

In addition to the functional benefits of an interactive presentation, having these features can also help to create a sense of professionalism, credibility and expertise that you would wish for your business. It adds another dimension to the presentation, that regardless of whether your business is technology related or not, gives the beneficial impression that as a company you are contemporary, tech savvy, and at the top of your game. Remember, having a slick, seamless, adaptable sales tool may just give you the edge over a competitor.


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