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Presenting Better with a Professionally Designed Presentation
15th April

Presenting Better with a Professionally Designed Presentation

Are you bored of seeing the same old tired business presentations? Do you want to give your presentation a dash of wow factor that will ensure you keep your audience’s attention? If you are in need of a professionally designed presentation, Pure Presentations can provide you with exactly that.

The design of your slides has a great deal of impact on the quality and effectiveness of your overall presentation, as it significantly enhances your verbal communication. Using a professionally designed presentation you can be sure that you have the on screen support you require, that it will back you up, not trip you up. Needless to say, if you are confident that you have a great presentation to work with then you will come across more confidently to your audience.

So, what is it about a professionally designed presentation that enables you to communicate and present more effectively…?

Creating a consistent theme –having a theme to your presentation is really important to ensure consistency to the look and feel of your slides, which in turn gives a more professional reflection on you as a presenter. A theme can also give greater context to the subject matter, helping your audience get in to the feel of the presentation. We create themes which vary vastly in terms of design and creativity. If you need a very structured corporate feel we can create a branded template which will really help if you are going to need to add or change to your presentation but need your changes to retain your corporate look. At the other end of the scale, we could create an entirely bespoke presentation, using custom designed elements to give a dynamic and unique theme that will be highly visually stimulating for the viewer, holding  their attention and living long in their memory.

Simplify your copy – a common mistake made by presenters is including far too much text on slides, in some cases using this as a script. Nothing turns off an audience like too many words. While they read what you have written they will not focus on what you are saying. We work hard to ensure the words you use are concise, correct and compelling. Where possible we reduce copy to key words to emphasise the point you’re making without overpowering your speech.

Ensure the correct sizing of all elements – there is absolutely no point displaying anything on screen which is illegible or poor quality. Not only will it make the presentation look unprofessional and rushed, importantly the audience will assume that you don’t care about your presentation and switch off.  A professional presentation design will ensure that image quality is not compromised for size, and type is displayed at the correct size with spacing that will give optimum readability.

Using colour effectively – every colour has certain feelings and connotations associated with it which can convey a particular message. The viewer sees colour before they absorb content, the colour of a slide can be the first indicator of the message, so it is important to consider this choice carefully. As professional designers we understand these colour theories and can apply them to your slides to enhance the audience’s emotional response.  Using colour within your presentation to aid in the differentiation between points or sections will aid clarity and definition for your audience too.

Using engaging animation – tastefully animating your presentation is a great way to add interest and control the flow of information and help communicate ideas. Using movement is really helpful when demonstrating a journey, story, or process. Animation is also a clever way to emphasise and highlight the key points or elements of a slide, by creating a hierarchy either through the order of entrance or by giving a particular element a unique emphasis animation. Be careful though too much animation can distract from the point your making.

Using additional elements – why not add another dimension to your presentation by including multimedia elements such as video or audio content. We can help you create these and seamlessly integrate it into your presentation to further enhance your presentation. It is a very effective method which helps to hold the audience’s attention and ensure that they remain fully engaged.

Once you have a great professionally designed presentation the only thing left to do is…

Practice, Practice, Practice – we encourage presenters to practice, practice, practice. Rehearse what you want to say so your speech flows naturally and confidently. We provide training to support you in what is often an alien environment.


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