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A to Z of Presentations – Z
5th June

A to Z of Presentations – Z

We have been working our way through the entire alphabet to bring you handy little tips and snippets of advice on presenting and creating presentations and today we have reached the end.

Our last installment is on the letter Z!

Zoom – when we at Pure Presentations think of zoom we think of Prezi, an alternative piece of software to use to create presentations. We have written a few bits about Prezi and how it can be used. Read them here.

Zing – being enthusiastic and passionate is crucial to the success of your presentation. Think of all the people in music, fashion and sport that are zealous about their field and look how inspiring they are and how much people want to listen to what they have to say.

Zip – think about the pace of your presentation, it’s not best to labour on a single point. Allow enough time for you to explain each message and time for the audience to follow. It’s a fine balance that if you rehearse and practice in front of others you should be able to judge correctly.


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