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Top 5 apps that you need for presenting on the go
13th August

Top 5 apps that you need for presenting on the go

Apps you need for presenting on the go.

iPads and iPhones in the work environment are common place these days and meetings and conferences are no exception.  We know a lot of you have taken to showing your presentations on your iPads which is great and a really good way of communicating especially in network sessions.

To help when you’re presenting or networking at your next event, we thought we’d give you Pure Presentations’ top 5 favourite apps for presenters.

First up is mbPointer, this app allows you to turn your iPhone or even iPad into a remote control to use when presenting. You can easily navigate through your deck like normal and has a few other nice features too which you may find handy.

Our next app is Corkulous, which is effectively a cork board on you iPad where you can pin your ideas, images or notes. You can create multiple cork boards and share them among colleagues. It’s a really nice way to collect information for a project or simply keep hold of any inspiration for future assignments.

Our third app is Penultimate; this is a great app to have when you’re in the audience. You can take notes or sketch ideas and share them with your colleagues as you make them.  You have the options of using different colours and paper styles to suit you. Never lose a note page again with this one.

Next up is Instaviz, this allows you to sketch out a rough diagram and it will turn it into an attractive digital diagram.  No more spending ages trying to create something with precise shapes and layout, simply sketch out your idea and Instaviz will do the rest for you, saving you time and stress.

The last app we have chosen is Sadun’s Whiteboard, this is a great app for those brainstorm meetings.  You can turn your iPad into a whiteboard instantly, with the ability to also connect it to a TV or projector you can set up an instant brainstorm session anywhere.

Those are our top 5 apps but you may have some others you’d like to share, please let us know what apps you find useful for presenting and networking.

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