A to Z of Presentations - G - Pure Presentations

A to Z of Presentations – G
13th August

A to Z of Presentations – G

Each month we will bring you hints, tips and inside advice on how you can be making the most of your presentation, whilst ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

This month we’ve got the letter G.

Graphics operator – if you’re at a large event there will probably be a graphics operator running your presentation, make sure they have your latest version well before the event starts, if you need to make amends do this with them, this way you will both be confident the correct version is going live.

Goals – it’s a good idea to outline some goals for yourself with what you want your presentation to achieve. This will help you structure your presentation and make sure you leave the audience with the correct lasting thoughts.

Graphs – graphs can be a great way to outline the progress of a product or company, but too complicated or too detailed graphs will miss the point entirely. Focus on the key figures and strip graphs down to the essentials this way everyone in the room will understand your point exactly.


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