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Is your presentation working hard enough?
18th May

Is your presentation working hard enough?

In our newsletter last month, we told you about the benefits of using Pure Presentations to improve the effectiveness of your business presentation. One benefit which attracted a lot of attention and seemed to strike a chord with a lot of you was how we increase our customer’s sales performance by making their business presentations work harder for them.

Just like any other piece of marketing material, your presentation is an investment; it needs to work hard to justify the investment you make in it. Not only do we create great business presentations we are experts at maximising the reach of each and every presentation we create.

We make your presentation available to your audience in a variety of formats to maximise the ways in which they can reach you.  Let’s face it, the more people who see it, the more chance there is of an opportunity arising.

Posting your presentation online is a great way to extend its availability. Upload it to your own website or better still, one with an established online community, that way you can get people really talking about it.

By way of an example, three weeks ago we uploaded a series of sample presentations and templates to SlideShare.  For us, it’s an easy place to direct prospects to when they ask to see samples of our work, and it’s worked really well. What has been really amazing however is the response we have had from people who have found us whilst browsing. Our work has had over 1750 views in 3 weeks and has generated a significant number of new leads, truly fantastic.

Because of the nature of the internet if people like what you say, and what they see, your presentation can very quickly ‘go viral’ ending up in the most unlikely of places. We recently found our work linked to by a Turkish design site although we had to use Google translate to see if they like it or not… apparently they did.

There are other ways to utilise your presentation too, think about converting it to a video format. Again it can be uploaded to the web, there are plenty of sites that accept presentation in video format, YouTube or vimeo are two of the most popular. Again you can upload it to your site too, or even give it to your customers on a CD.

So what’s the point of uploading your presentation? Apart from the obvious extra web presence generated, which is likely to drive traffic to your website and which could in turn, improve your page ranking. Additional business leads are possible too. Recently we received an email from Boxer Retail, a business based in Houston Texas. They had seen one of our templates on the Microsoft website which they liked. The result, they engaged us to create a new template and presentation for them.  With very little effort on our part we gained a really interesting piece of business, which repaid our initial investment many times over.

It’s certainly worth spending some time to get it right though, if your presentation is less than perfect, uploading it can have a downside too. If your presentation is badly produced, confusing or just plain boring, you may find yourself listed on sites you would prefer not to be found on, there are plenty of examples.

In the live environment, presentations are designed to support the speaker, not all of the information given to your audience appears on screen. This being the case you should think about adjusting or updating it to suit the online environment. There are lots of ways to do this, consider adding more content, but in a clear and effective way, a voice over, or even, get yourself filmed against a green screen so to can appear on screen with your slides.

Using flash to create your business presentations is another way to get your message out to the world. Powerful and packed full of interactivity, but with relatively small file sizes and therefore quick download times it has become popular especially in the increasingly active mobile market (unless you have an iPad/iPhone).

We use flash to create interactive front ends to our client’s presentations. Only show the client what THEY want to see by putting individual sections or products on a clickable button.

A bit of effort goes a very long way and once it’s out there, your presentation goes to work for you, reaching a global audience you could never have dreamed of reaching before.


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