A to Z of Presentations - X - Pure Presentations

A to Z of Presentations – X
8th May

A to Z of Presentations – X

So this time we came across quite a difficult letter when thinking about what tips and advice we are going to tell you about in this installment. So we hope you forgive our tedious link with our tips.
Here’s X!

eXamples –  showing real world examples of what you are presenting will only add weight and significance to your messages. Displaying to the audience that your ideas have worked before and been successful will instil confidence in you. If it’s a new idea and hasn’t been proved previously, try looking to an alternative industry, for example sport or culture to show the potential of your messages.

teXt – we have mentioned previously about your slide content being there to support you and your delivery not to remind you what to say. So many times we see bundles of text on screen, it’s not helpful for you in the long run, and your audience are now reading that text and not listening to you. Planning, storyboarding and creating your presentation carefully will enable you to deliver it without using the screen content as a reminder and instead as speaker support to provide more impact for you.

eXtra help – we have talked a lot about you working hard on your presentation, but we all must know when we need extra help. Here at Pure Presentations we do just that. We are presentation specialists and can help with every aspect of creating and delivery your next presentation.


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