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A to Z of Presentations – W
17th April

A to Z of Presentations – W

We are working our way through the alphabet and bringing you hints, tips and inside advice on how you can be making the most of your presentation, whilst ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

This time we’re looking at W!

Waffle – don’t waffle, the confidence and tone in which you deliver your speech is almost the single most important part of your presentation. Showing you have conviction in your messages instils an instant respect and responsiveness from the audience. People waffle when they are nervous and unsure; the best way to avoid waffling is by rehearsing to really know your content and that you believe in it.

Walking about – walking about depends a lot on where you are presenting, being stuck to a lectern on a big conference stage looks like you’re scared of the audience and you need to hide behind something. But you don’t want to go wandering and walk in front of the screen and your content. Being able to walk and talk at the same time shows you are confident of your content and messages.

Work – unfortunately most people see presentations not as high on the agenda as their daily work load. It’s almost more important, you will be standing in front of your peers which is a great opportunity to make an impact for your career. You cannot hide or brush over a poor presentation due to lack of time and commitment, so make sure you’ve put the work in beforehand and it will pay off.


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