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A to Z of Presentations – U
20th March

A to Z of Presentations – U

We are working our way through the alphabet and bringing you hints, tips and inside advice for to use in your next presentation.

This time it’s words beginning with the letter U!

Understanding – your audience’s understanding of your subject both before and after your presentation will be critical to how successful your presentation is. Knowing the audience’s level of knowledge will enable you to pitch your messages correctly. Your understanding of what the audience needs to know and walk away with will enable you to present the correct information, not go off track but not tell them material they already know and lose their attention.

Underlining – is not the best way to highlight a point. If a word or sentence is that important to highlight, think of a really nice way to do it, something that will stick in the audiences mind, try a clever piece of animation or a change of imagery to focus the audience’s attention.

USP – what’s your unique selling point? Even though you may not be a salesman you are selling your messages and ideas to your audience. This doesn’t need to be an elaborate performance, it could just mean explaining your messages that the audience may have heard before in a complete new way.


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