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A to Z of Presentations – T
4th March

A to Z of Presentations – T

Each month we will bring you hints, tips and inside advice on how you can be making the most of your presentation, whilst ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

This month we’re moving onto the letter T!Technology – this is especially important if you are speaking at a conference or exhibition. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the technology and how everything will work. Make sure if technology does fail you, you are well prepared enough to deliver your presentation without any technology.

Timing – the last thing you want is to seem that you are rushing the end of your presentation. By practising, you can accurately work out how long your presentation is. Knowing your timings will allow you to relax and present better as you won’t be afraid of running over your allotted time.

Theme – a theme can be thought in the same way as using a story for your presentation. If a story doesn’t work for your presentation, a theme might work better. By revolving your presentation around a theme the whole delivery will have a more cohesive and contemplated finish to it, as each key message will reference back to the theme. Some examples could be overcoming obstacles, a sport such as the decathlon or famous journeys.


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