A to Z of Presentations – S - Pure Presentations

A to Z of Presentations – S
20th February

A to Z of Presentations – S

We are working our way through the alphabet and bringing you hints, tips and inside advice on how you can be making the most of your presentation, whilst ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

This time we’re looking at S!

Slide design – this normally comes low on the list of things to focus on when creating a presentation. But great slide design can make the difference between a lifeless mundane presentation and one that inspires and provokes the audience into new thinking or behaviour. Take time, think about how your speech and slides work together, they should be treated as a partnership and created at the same time.

Significance – you should question everything you talk about or show in your presentation and ask yourself what’s the significance for the audience? If it’s not immediately clear ask yourself should you keep it in? If the audience are not going to find it significant or relevant it’s possibly not worth talking about.

Story – we’ve spoken in depth about using a story to build your presentation around, you can read it here. The basics of a story, the start, middle and end provide structure to focus your presentation around.


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