A to Z of Presentations – R - Pure Presentations

A to Z of Presentations – R
6th February

A to Z of Presentations – R

Each month we will bring you hints, tips and inside advice on how you can be making the most of your presentation, whilst ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

This month we’ve got the letter R.

Rehearse – by rehearsing your presentation both alone and in front of someone will help to iron out a few of the things we discussed previously. By really getting to know your presentation, your confidence will improve and you will naturally start performing your presentation, this will lead to a more proficient delivery and improved audience retention and interest.

Room layout – you may be presenting at a large conference or a small meeting room, where ever it is make sure you are familiar with the room layout before your presentation. Knowing where everything is and where you will be standing will make you feel at ease and perform a lot better. If possible try and rehearse in the room beforehand, this way you’ll know how much you need to project your voice, where to stand and not be intimidated by the space.

Relying on your slides – you should be able to give your presentation without your slides. The onscreen content whatever format it is in is there to enhance your speech not to remind you what to say. Relying on your slides to deliver your presentation imparts that you are not confident in what you are saying. If the audience have the impression you are not an expert on your subject why would they take your messages away with them.


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