A to Z of presentations - B - Pure Presentations

A to Z of presentations – B
6th July

A to Z of presentations – B

Each month we’ll bring you some handy little tips for presenting and designing your presentations. This month it’s on to B.

Body language – be confident in what you are saying, if you’re not, how do you expect your audience to believe in what you’re saying? Stand up straight, move around and engage your audience with eye contact.

Bullet points – can be overused, asses if they are really necessary. You can use bullet points to focus your messages. But remember your audience will read faster than you can speak so build your bullet points as you go.

Basics – remember the basics of presenting. When speaking be clear, pronounce everything, talk to the person at the back of the room. Arrive early, make sure your presentation is correct and your microphone works, and familiarise yourself with the stage and set up.


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