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Making your presentations work harder
4th April

Making your presentations work harder

Using an agency to design and create your presentation, what are the benefits?

Winning business is about telling you story really, really well.

The events of the last couple of years have made it more difficult for companies to win business, fewer opportunities and more competition makes it incredibly difficult to make yourself heard and get your message across.
Clearly your performance is vital to making a good impression and winning the business. But, have you considered that the appearance and relevance of your presentation also signals to the client your professionalism, attention to detail, capability and credibility — or not?

If you decide to hire a specialist presentation agency, what are the benefits? Firstly time and cost, generally presentations cost a lot less than you might think and the time you would have spent creating your presentation may be more usefully spent in other areas of your business. Technology and design trends change all the time, specialist presentation designers will have their finger on the pulse, giving your presentation a fresh modern look making it available in a variety of formats to attract the most attention. You also get an external view of your message and story, a fresh look which may highlight any deficiencies in your message.

Most of us rarely get to see our business presentation through our client’s eyes, we either win the business or we don’t, and if we don’t do we ever find out why? You may only ever get one shot to win each client’s business. Research shows that companies tend to pass further work and other opportunities to existing suppliers to avoid the undergoing the time consuming procurement process. An experienced communications specialist will look at your presentation from the client’s perspective. Point out areas where things are working well and highlight areas where improvements could be made.
Make your prospective clients feel as if your sales presentation was developed just for them, effective communications are built in a way that they can easily tailored to suit a range of prospects.

There are efficiency benefits too, ask yourself how much time you spend on preparing your presentation, once briefed, an experienced designer works quickly without supervision, managing the design process from end to end allowing you to focus on important day-to-day business.

An experienced designer will have an understanding of what tried and tested communication strategies have proven successful for other clients and will work for your business. This not only saves you wasting time and money on creating materials that do not produce results. But also saves you missing opportunities to win business.

Putting complicated but important ideas across to the client often presents a huge challenge for businesses. A specialist designer will bring these ideas to life designing simplified visual communications to make them more palatable and easy to understand.

We know everyone is trying to make the most for their money. We use our experience to do more for less, extending the ‘reach’ of your presentation by making it available in a variety of formats to more people, raising your profile and ‘giving you more bang for your buck’.

Presentation technology is constantly changing and trying to keep up whilst looking after your day job can be difficult. Keeping ahead of the crowd is what makes us different, we use this knowledge and experience to ensure your message is heard by the maximum audience whilst ensuring your presentation will not quickly become out of dated and difficult to manage.
You don’t have to be a corporate giant to benefit from our professional presentation design services.

We know that engaging a professional designer is a real investment on your part, we work really hard to increase our customer’s presentation performance. We believe that your success is our success. We do our utmost to ensure your investment pays off in the shortest time possible
Now is a good time to take a look at your core business communications and ask yourself some hard questions. What are the most effective tools available to you? Are your current messages still relevant and appealing to the market or do you need to reassess them? Are you still facing the same competitors as before and if so, what have they been doing to maintain their customer base? How can you improve your materials, to make the most of any business opportunities which come your way?

Business analysts are forecasting that conditions will slowly improve this year, spending some time now to get your communications right, will be time well spent!


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