A to Z of Presentations – O - Pure Presentations

A to Z of Presentations – O
21st November

A to Z of Presentations – O

Each month we will bring you hints, tips and inside advice on how you can be making the most of your presentation, whilst ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

This month we take a look at the letter O!

Objective – this is the reason you’re presenting, what do you want the audience to leave thinking about after they’ve seen your presentation? It’s good to pick one or two objectives, be careful you don’t get side-tracked within your presentation; going off on tangents is a common mistake, to avoid this make sure each slide is relevant to your objective.

Order – the order of your presentation should make logical sense, don’t go back and forth between points, this will be confusing for the audience. You can split your presentation into sections to help you keep order; this will also help you to write an introduction and summary.

Overkill – less is often more. Cluttering your slides with too much content is overkill. Think about the most important points that you want to make and focus the slide on this. Don’t be afraid to split your information over more slides if it is over-spilling. A slide which is too busy detracts from the information you are presenting and can end up confusing your audience.


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