A to Z of presentations - L - Pure Presentations

A to Z of presentations – L
5th September

A to Z of presentations – L

Every month we will bring you hints, tips and inside know how on how you can be making the best of your presentation.

This month we visit the letter L.

Layout – consider the layout of your whole presentation as well as the individual slides. Make sure you only have necessary information on your slides; consider the hierarchy of your elements. Make sure everything is readable for the person sitting furthest away.

Lecterns – lecterns are restrictive for a presenter. Nearly all professional speakers do not use them. They make you look nervous and make the audience feel you are talking at them, not to them. You can move around the stage and engage with the whole audience.

Language – the tone of your presentation and language are crucial to your audience engaging with you. You want to have a friendly tone towards your peers so they don’t feel they are being lectured but more informed and educated. Keep the language simple, don’t use complicated words or phrases that some people won’t understand, this way you can be sure everyone will leave the room with the same understanding.


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